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LCRA increases Dredge Zone D at Collier Materials Request

On March 23 2022 Collier sent a letter to Phil Wilson requesting a 3000 foot extension to Zone D further down the Llano river, and 8 days later Phil Wilson extended Zone D. Unfortunately due to a last minute change in the Highland Lakes Dredge and Fill Ordinance, giving LCRA General Manager sole authority to set zones, the public has no say in these dredge zones.

In the letter Collier Materials also stated their intent to remove the Kingsland Sandbar below Lookout Mountain and to be applying for both Zone D and C permits at the same time. Links to the letters obtained through an open records request from a supporter are attached below. There are also maps of all dredging zones in the files section so you can see if your home or favorite swimming spot is at risk. It is important to remember that this dredging project comes with a permanent industrial sand plant on the shores of Lake LBJ. It is up to the people to protect our Lake and our drinking water. Let the LCRA know what you think of the dredging project by clicking the first link below.

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Maddie TEXAS
Maddie TEXAS
Jul 08, 2023

Property Values will plummet in both Burnet County and Llano County along these areas and areas where their views have gone from Natural Mountain-scape Vistas to Sand conveyor belt machinery with light pollution and noise combined with bulldozing and natural landscape devastation. We are getting Red White & BULLDOZED by the corporate interests.

Additionally, and more importantly, a crisis is building in the commercial real estate market, with $1.5 trillion in loan maturities coming due over the next three years. Many of these loans will turn into defaults and foreclosures in 2023, 2024, and 2025 as landlords hand back the keys on failing office buildings and retail strip centers. Morgan Stanley estimates that commercial property values could fall as much…


Joan Maner
Joan Maner
Aug 12, 2022

This is a very important issue. That cannot be allowed to take place in our community. It will completely do away with our tourists and home owners. We must stop this now!!!

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