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Press Release by Save Lake LBJ

“Save Lake LBJ” Organizes

Local citizens have joined forces as “Save Lake LBJ” ( ) to prevent the industrialization of Lake LBJ, to preserve its beauty for all to enjoy forever, and to publicize the truth about projects which may forever destroy recreation, fishing, and the undeniable beauty of our Lake LBJ. The group’s goal is to expose any questionable claims, hollow promises, or outright falsehoods of out-of-town profiteers. At the same time, members vow to seek out and inform the public about the safe, proper, and scientifically sound means and methods of controlling sedimentation and other sand-related problems faced by all who enjoy Lake LBJ.

Currently there is no viable, credible proposal to actually benefit area landowners, boaters, and fishermen by achieving long-term sand removal of any sizable scope. Rather, there is only a haphazard, greed-driven proposal which would —

1) cram 120+ sand and gravel trucks a day onto narrow, mostly unpaved County Road 309 — which a Llano ISD school bus must use to carry the 42 souls assigned to it, and which many others navigate daily as their most-direct route to Llano;

2) block a large portion of the Llano River as its dredgers siphon river-bottom, upstream and down, with huge 2500ft pipelines then dumping the slurry onto nearby ranchland;

3) create large sand stock piles several stories high, destroying the beautiful Packsaddle Mountain panorama now enjoyed by all;

4) cause floodwaters to inundate the already-lower adjacent properties by changing the natural topography; and

5) project the constant noise of an industrial plant for hours on end, vexing all nearby landowners, boaters, and others within a vast distance.

The group has a managing committee consisting of Sharon Moore, Sarita Smith, Taylor Delz , Mark Terpstra, and chairman Virgil Yanta.Yanta, a Board Certified trial attorney, and at least four other attorneys all have joined forces to work, pro bono, to Save Lake LBJ for the future — assisted by the Austin office of an international law firm.All concerned are encouraged to visit and are invited to get active to help preserve, protect, and defend our beautiful Lake LBJ for us and for the generations to come.

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